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Vegging Out

Summer is the perfect time for Vancouverites to show off their hometown to visitors and guests. What other city offers snow-capped mountains, swim-able beaches, and rainforests- all within one vista?

Yes, we should be proud to live here. And what better way to show our pride than an eco-friendly tour of the city, proving to tourists that, not only do we live in a lovely place, but we know how to take care of it.

NorthVan Green Tours ( *Now Vancouver Eco Tours) is currently one of the few local tour operators offering scenic trips in veggie-oil-fuelled cars. The company offers visitors an eco-friendly jaunt through some of the city’s most spectacular gems: Deep Cove, and the Lynn Canyon rainforests, Ecology Centre, and Suspension Bridge. For an additional fee, you can get a trip up Grouse Mountain, where the view might be just that much clearer due to the reduced emissions veggie cars bring. 
SHARED VISION /August 2006